From the Founder Abby

Closing down this business after five years has been an extremely painful experience. Just being honest. For five years, I have poured my heart and soul into building Bolt from scratch. Starting with a few thousand dollars and having a room in my parent's basement until now it has been quite the journey!

Despite making numerous sacrifices and taking various risks to keep our business afloat, Caleb and I eventually realized that we had to close our doors. This decision became apparent, particularly with the added responsibility of our little nugget on the way.

The decision to close down the business has been emotionally wrenching (I have cried a lot pregnancy hormones have not helped lol). However, life goes on, and there are always new beginnings to look forward to. Baby Howard is coming in July and Caleb has started a new role as a GM for a pavement maintenance company. Part of my next steps will involve focusing on my family and personal life. I will be taking some time off to reflect on my experiences. Try to see what we did well and learn from the mistakes. I know the lessons I learned from Bolt will be valuable in my future endeavors!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for coming along the journey of Bolt! I love you all. God is good!

Howard's Next Chapter

As one chapter closes another one opens. I am still praying and figuring out what is next for me post Bolt. No matter what, we know God is in control and that gives us peace. Baby coming end of July will surely keep me busy :)

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Hi there! My name is Abby, and this is my husband Caleb. I started Bolt in March of 2018 in my parent's basement during my senior year of college. Fast forward a few years later and here we are! As a company, we donate monthly to Hope For Justice and partner with two overseas missionaries!

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