2021 Trends We Are Loving!

2021 Trends We Are Loving!

Posted by Abigail Howard on

A new year means new fashion trends, and let me tell you, we are LOVING these 2021 picks! From a denim shake up, to sporty styles, we are going to walk you through five trends you will see everywhere these next couple months! 

5. Baggy Denim

    2020 was a YEAR you guys, and we spent a lot of time in leggings and stretchy pants. So when it comes to denim, it was time for an update! Move aside skinny jeans and say hello to some loose and baggy denim! Style does not have to be compromised by comfort, and the mom jean and dad jean solidify that. High waisted straight leg fits, loose baggy legs, boyfriend cuts, and all similar styles will be all the rage this year.

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4. Leather

    Leather is such a fun and easy way to spice up your wardrobe! Leather pants, skirts, shorts, jackets, dresses, and tops have been seen all over the runways this year and we are so ready for it! Expect to see styles in different colors, shapes, and with different fabric mixes that actually make wearing leather comfortable (thank goodness)! We want to look good, and feel good!

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3. Pastels

    Spring = pastels. I mean, it is expected each spring that pastels make a come back, but every year we still get so excited for them! They are bright, happy, and make you feel beautiful when you wear them, what more could you ask for?! You will start seeing this color palette hitting all your favorite styles soon!  

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2. Sporty Spice

    Tennis and golf inspired outfits have been all over the runways! Mini dresses and tops with collars, tennis skirts, sweater vests, retro sweatshirts, and longer length shorts are just a few of the sporty styles you will see. This is a new take on an old trend, and we are here for it! 

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1. Fringe 

    We are feeling full-on 70s with this fringe trend! Fringe denim jackets, purses, dresses, skirts, and more, this boho look will be the spice your closet needs! Nothing screams FUN like fringe! Playful, stylish, and unique - fringe always packs a big punch when incorporated in an outfit! 

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We have a handful of amazing fringe items coming this spring and summer, so keep your eyes out ;) 

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