2022 Trends You will Be Wearing This Year!

2022 Trends You will Be Wearing This Year!

   Okay you guys, you already know what’s coming! New year = new fashion trends and let me tell ya… we are PUMPED! 2021 brought us so many fun and exciting new styles that we haven’t seen in decades, and I am personally so excited to see how fashion continues to evolve and change. Risk taking with your outfits has become the norm, and we are here for it! Nothing it seems is off limits. I wish this was the climate around fashion when I was in middle school, for real. We don’t really need to go there, but I’ll never forget the day I paired three belts with a tight hot pink V-neck t-shirt, and costume jewelry pearls to school. Seventeen Magazine told me too, okay! We put together a list of a few trends we are seeing grow more popular, or have come out of nowhere, but will for sure be seeing in 2022 (don’t worry, there are no multiple belt trends stirring up in our future)! Let’s begin.  

1. Catsuits

   Let’s start with the newest and probably most daring trend emerging in 2022. Catsuits! Bring on full cat girl vibes, but make it cool ;) Full body catsuits with lots of fun layers have been spotted on some fashionable trend setters, and we are here for it. This look will be perfect transitioning into spring, but also will be full blown everywhere come next fall and winter. In the spring, you can wear this full bodysuit with a sweatshirt or flannel around your waist. In the colder months, we are seeing these fits styled with vests, puffers, scarves, chunky knits. All the layers! We love the comfort and versatility of these pieces. Not to mention, they are super flattering!

2. Bold pants

   With the Y2K fashion coming in stores at full force, taking risks with pants makes total sense! Whether that is playing with the rise – low rise, mid rise, or high rise styles. Or the fit – wide leg, boyfriend, baggy, you name it. And all the way to some crazy colorful and fun prints, making a statement with your jeans is the way to go. We are loving seeing jeans with bright colors, happy faces, hearts, and patchwork patterns. They are so happy and pretty effortless to style. If you want to rock this trend but are nervous, just get a really great basic top or bodysuit and some cool chain jewelry, and your good to go. Sometimes the more of a statement a piece is, the easier it is to style! Just pair it with a great basic!

3. Monochromatic Fits

   Colors are EVERYTHING right now! Which we love, it is such a happy trend! But pairing your bright colors with neutrals is not the only way we see color being styled. Actually, color on color on color is super in! Monochromatic fits are being spotted more and more frequently and they are always such a hit! Pairing different shades of pinks, greens, whites is so chic and fashion forward. Next time you find an amazing colorful top, try finding similar colored styles to pair with it! Investing in a few cute colorful purses, or shoes is another easy way to achieve a monochromatic look!

4. Crazy Prints and Colors

   Since we are already talking about color, let’s just put it out there. BOLD COLORS AND PATTERNS ARE EVERYWHERE! This has been a refreshing shift from the neutral dominated clothing these past couple years. It was time to shake things up, and boy have we. Taking inspiration from prints from almost every decade and blending them in with 80s colorways has been the name of the game.

5. Menswear

   With all the crazy patterns and colors, we need some chic influence as well. Enter menswear inspired fashion. I’m talking blazers and loafers. Oversized blazers are the name of the game. Throw a blazer on over your girly dresses or loungewear to instantly elevate your fits. And style those loafers with your favorite baggy jeans for a sophisticated touch. Loafers are newer this year, and we are looking forward to getting creative with this footwear. They are so classic, but still such a statement since you don’t see everyone wearing them. We are sure you will be adding menswear styled pieces to your fits all year long!

    Okay we have to know, which of these trends are you most excited for? Personally, blazers and loud patterns really energize me. There are just so many different ways you can wear both, and they are a little different than your everyday wardrobe. Fresh and new, but also wearable. That is always our goal with Bolt: finding styles that are on trendy and really cool, but that you can actually wear and feel really comfortable wearing. Not just finding outfits that look amazing on Instagram, but actually look amazing in everyday life too. This is going to be such a monumental year for fashion, and we are so excited to be a part of it! Thanks for reading babez!

XO, Abby

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