6 Shoes To Transform Your Summer Looks

6 Shoes To Transform Your Summer Looks

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Summer has arrived! And with a new season comes a new wardrobe. For me personally, I love to try out different trends and styles with my clothing with each season, but an area I do not really invest a ton of effort into honestly, is my shoes. Which I would say works against me because a good shoe can take your outfit from good to great! I have rounded up six shoe trends for this summer season that are truly worth the investment. These styles can take your outfit in a number of different directions while always completing your look! 

1. Combat Boots

A classic Dr. Marten combat boot has been a style that has lingered around throughout the years. Always pictured in the magazines, but not always easily worn in day to day to fashion. In my opinion, the combat boot has officially made its way into everyday style! I love the versatility of this edgey boot. Style it with an ultra girly dress for a cool contrast, your go to denim shorts for a more boho vibe, or with your favorite mom jeans for a vintage look! 
amelia mod sleeve topClick here for the Amelia Mod Sleeve Top!

2. Neutral Slides

Every girl needs a good old trusty sandal that can be thrown on with any outfit last minute! Whether that is with a swimming suit at the beach, or with a dress for graduation, a neutral sandal is a must have. There has been a recent trend in wearing more natural materials, such as rattan, wovens, canvas, rope, etc. Absolutely love these styles for a versatile look!
anytime terracotta reversible dressThese sandals would look adorable paired with the Anytime Terracotta Dress

3. Minimal and Strappy

This might be one of my favorite emerging trends! Very minimal, very 90's, very cute. This simple and strappy style makes a big impact on those days or nights your feeling fancy. You will see the lower heel, muted colors, and thin straps everywhere this year! The 90's have had a huge influence in fashion this last year or so, and that is only increasing. Pair these strappy sandal styles with a slip dress, funky ripped jeans, or your favorite wrap skirt!
apple denim dress minkpinkThese strappy sandals would be the perfect addition to the Apple Denim Dress!


4. White Sneaker

What a classic! Whether you're a fan of the chunky sneaker or the non-chunky sneaker is personal preference, but both styles are here to stay for awhile. Comfort has become key, and styles that can be easily dressed up with a heel or down with a sneaker are now essential. A classic white sneaker has made wearing your favorite dresses and skirts more appropriate for more occasions. Gone are the days where you can only wear a dressy shoe with a dressy outfit.  
Destiny's Wild Print Dress Sadie & SageThis is my favorite dress to style with heels or sneakers! Destiny's Wild Print Dress!

5. Espadrilles

 Espadrilles are a summer staple every year. Whether you prefer them in a wedge or sandal style, they just scream summer and vacation and warm weather! Again here, we see how natural materials and textures play a big role in styling during the warmer months. This is another shoe that you can wear with a dress for a summer wedding, or with jean shorts to elevate your look.
tory asymmetrical skirtEspadrille Sandals would pair perfectly with the Tory Asymmetrical Skirt and Pink Pop Bodysuit!


6. Acrylic

This budding trend is new and bold! It is also very polarizing - some will love this, and some will hate it. The Barbie look-alike acrylic shoe trend is something I personally think is cute, but it is definitely a specific vibe. This is a shoe you will most likely wear for an occasion or a nicer event you have. Whether that is a date night or a gala, you will be wearing this shoe with an outfit you feel incredible in. The great thing about the clear acrylic shoe is that is makes your legs look miles and miles long - and who doesn't want that?! The only downfall to this trend is that it might not last as long as some of these others, so that could be a factor when determining price. 

astrid one shoulder bodysuit coyote leather skirtAcrylic heels would look amazing with this edgier outfit! Astrid One Shoulder Bodysuit + Coyote Leather Skirt.

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