Fall Interview With Madysen Clarke!

Fall Interview With Madysen Clarke!

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Hi Babez!

 I hope you enjoy this interview with Madysen Clarke! We have worked with Madysen a handful of times throughout the years and thought it would be fun to get to know her a little more :)

 Madysen is a full-time student, influencer, and content creator. We loved getting to hear a little behind the scenes of her day-to-day, and hear about her future goals!

 Here are a few highlights from our video interview. To watch the whole conversation and hear all Madysen has to say, click here!


Let’s jump into the questions:


What year are you in school?

 I am a senior at the University Of Kentucky! It’s my last year which is bittersweet for sure.


What are you studying?

 I am studying communications, and then I have a minor in journalism.


What would you say would be your dream job after college?

 My dream job has always been working for a fashion magazine. I think its super cool, I have always been inspired by Anna Wintour and Vogue. I currently work at my school’s magazine as a stylist, so that would definitely be my ultimate dream job!


What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?

 My favorite thing to do in the fall would have to be going to the pumpkin patch, haunted houses, or the fear farms. In North Caroline, we have a lot of fear farms and haunted hayrides, and that was a huge part of my childhood! I would always go with my friends, and every year I still try to find some to go to because it feels like a huge piece of fall.


Fall trends. What are you looking forward to / what is your favorite fall trend that you're seeing?

 I am looking forward to layering again! I feel like every year I see new ways to layer stuff that I have never thought of before, which I think is awesome. That is why I love fall so much because you really can do so much with the layering which is so cool.

 Also, tights under your skirts and stuff elevates your look. I feel it can turn any basic outfit and make it more put together.

 I am such a boots girl; any time I can wear boots I am a happy person. Cowgirl boots have been trending the past year and I don’t see them dying any time soon. Also, loafers. I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet, but last year they started trending and I kind of fell behind and wasn’t sure if I liked it yet. But the way I have seen people style them, I’m like okay maybe I can get behind this. So, I am definitely looking forward to trying them out and figuring out how to style them.


On the flip side, what is a trend that you see that you don’t love or wish would die?

 Mmmm sweater vests. I don’t love seater vests. I don’t have a great reason why I can’t get behind them, I just don’t love them, they don’t do it for me. I have seen people style them really well, but I don’t think I will wear them.


How would you define your personal style?

 The first thing that comes to mind is very colorful and bold. Especially when I first started dabbling into fashion, I wore a lot of bold colors and fun patterns. Even now as I have gotten older and shifted towards more chic things, the main thing is still color. I love color so much, and I feel like that is a reflection of personality.


How has it been balancing work, collaborating with brands, and content creation while being in school full time?

 It has been crazy! I wish I could say that I have it all figured out, but I definitely don’t. Managing it all hasn’t been too bad, its manageable, not impossible at all, but some weeks will be harder than others. Thankfully I have great friends that will help me take content, pick up packages if I’m super busy, and some friends that love taking pictures and we will have content days where we just batch shoot outfits. It’s been good but there are definitely some weeks where I am so busy, I can’t even think about making content!


 What are some of your favorite Bolt products or styles that you have seen recently?

 I have been loving all of the transitional pieces I have been seeing! All of the creams and neutral colors for fall, I have been loving that because I really need that in my own wardrobe right now! Also, all the things that you can use to layer, and of course your sets. Bolt has a lot of cute little sets!


 Do you have any fun plans for the fall?

 Yes! We have a fall break coming up, which not all schools do that but our does, which is really nice. So, we are going for my friend’s birthday to Nashville!


 Okay this question just came to me, but I’m curious to hear this from your perspective. but Instagram or Tik Tok?

 Ahh that’s very hard because I love them both for two different reasons, and I think most people feel the same way. I love tik tok for the videos, and I also use it as my search engine these days.

 With Instagram, I feel like it’s more professional. You are showcasing yourself in a clean sleek look, whereas my tik tok is more fun. I also love Instagram for all the fashion inspo.

 But if I have to choose, I think I am on tik tok a lot more!


 I had so much fun interviewing Madysen and getting to hear her heart and get to know her personality more! Watch the full interview here to hear all she had to say on all topics and questions!


Thanks for reading babez, talk soon!

XO, Abby

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