Holiday Gift Guide 2021: For The Bolt Babez

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: For The Bolt Babez

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    We know shopping for your friends, families, and coworkers can be tricky at times, so we put together a list of styles that each girl is sure to love! We LOVE Christmas and the Holidays, but we especially love them when we don’t have to stress! Grab some tea or hot chocolate, and a shopping list, because we are about to offer you some amazing gift ideas! 

The Trendsetter: Wildflower phone case


    These phone cases are such a fun gift for your friend that loves to stay on top of the trends! The colorful and expressive phone cases make a subtle statement that is not only cute, but also functional! Our personal faves are the “flower power” “green matcha” and … 

The Girl Who Seems To Live On Planes: Carson Corduroy jackets

    When it comes to traveling, packing a jacket that is versatile, lightweight, and of course, fashionable, is a must! These Carson Corduroy Jackets can be styled over and over and over again, and are the perfect jackets to fit in a suitcase. Your backpacking friend will thank you endlessly for these adorable jackets!

For The Sporty Babe: Poppy Tanks

    These Poppy Tanks are hands down our best selling item, and for good reason. They are comfortable, fit a ton of different body shapes and sizes, and can be worn for literally everything. They have great compression and are great for working out, or look perfectly styled casually with joggers and shorts! Your sporty friend will LIVE in this tank top and will thank you a million times for it!

For The Comfort > Everything Girl: Paisley Pullovers

    Let’s be honest, every girl wants to be comfortable while looking cute. These Paisley Pullovers are the perfect top to style with joggers or jeans! The pretty colors and paisley print sleeves add a girly and stylish touch to an otherwise basic item. Your comfort loving friend will live in this! 

For The Self Care Girl: Reset Biker Shorts and Sports Bra 

    There is no better outfit than these comfy biker shorts and sports bras when it comes to putting on a face mask, doing your nails, and lounging around the house. This set is ultra comfy while still looking chic and cute! Perfect for your friend that loves to have slow weekends and really rest up for the coming days! 

For The Snow Babez: Molly Ivory Puffer Coat

    We all know that one girl who always has amazing winter weather wear. How do you make super warm clothes look fashionable? You wear the Molly Ivory Puffer Coat. The leather lining is super trendy, while the large puffer is super warm. Your fashion loving and snow loving friend will never stop thanking you for this amazing coat!

For The Homebody: Dreamy Sherpa Pullover and Shorts 

    Staying home doesn’t mean you need to look like a bum! The Dreamy Sherpa Set will keep you perky while you work from home or chill out! The colors are fun and bright, and the fabric is super cozy and warm. Your homebody friend will LIVE in this set!

For The Risk Taker: Boogie Down Purple Set 

    Bold patterns, bright colors, and a retro silhouette… The Boogie Down Set in purple is the ULTIMATE outfit for a fashion risk taker! They will have so much fun styling these electric pieces. You are giving the gift of creativity, fun, and uniqueness with this set!


For The Secret Santa Gift: Scarves 

    When it comes to buying a secret Santa gift, picking something that everyone could use and would enjoy is essential! These scarves are fashion forward, high quality, and super warm. The best part is, they are sure to fit! The perfect mix for a surprise gift! 

The Last Minute Gift That Always Works: Bolt Boutique Gift Card

    You will absolutely NEVER go wrong with gifting a Bolt gift card! Any and every girl can find something they love from the site. For your friend that you're just not sure what to get, a gift card is the way to go. Put the power in their hands to order something they know they will use and appreciate for years to come! 

    We wish you the merriest of Christmases this year! 2021 is coming to a close quickly. We hope you have the most amazing time spent with your family and friends. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you! We hope this gift guide was helpful, and makes your holiday shopping a touch easier :)



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