Last Minute Bolt Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Bolt Halloween Costumes

    If you are anything like me, Halloween costume planning tends to be pushed off to the very last minute. Keep your weekend stress free with these costumes that are cute, creative, and most importantly EASY! We put together a few fun last minute Halloween costume ideas that you are sure to love and will be a big hit amongst your friends!


1. Bread Winner

    If you are a gal that loves puns, you will thoroughly enjoy this quick and easy look! Throw on a matching athletic set, a few medals, and carry around a loaf of bread. Get it, bread winner?! We love this one and the fact that it involves items that we already have laying around our homes! A few of our favorite athletic styles are the Sweat Session leggings and sports bras, the Your Favorite Ribbed Biker Shorts, and the Classic Poppy Tanks!


2. Girl Scout

    Head back to elementary school and channel your inner girl scout by styling the Love Taupe Tennis Skort with the Alice Olive Cropped Sweater top! Run to the fabric store and get creative making a sash decorated with badges and pins. Carry around your favorite cookies for a fun accessory… and late night snack! So so easy, and sure to be a huge hit with your crew!


3. Nerd

    Dressing up as a nerd has never been so cool! Thrift an oversized button down shirt, or borrow one from your boyfriend, dad, or brother and layer on top the Cali Girl Houndstooth Sweater Vest. Accessorize this outfit with glasses, some folders, notebooks, and maybe a backpack to complete the look! This is such a classic Halloween fit, but we love looks that utilize the clothes we already have in our closet!


4. Jasmine

    Who doesn’t want to dress up like a Disney princess?! This light blue satin On Cloud 9 Pant Set is channeling major Jasmine and Aladdin vibes! Order a black hair wig from amazon (got to LOVE that two day shipping) and throw on a gold belt to perfect your Disney princess fit! After the holiday weekend, re-wear this set with a leather jacket and your favorite heels for a girl’s weekend!


5. Work From Home

    Making fun of every day situations is always a costume hit! Working from home is something almost everybody got comfortable with this year. Dressing up for your zoom calls with a “business on top, pajamas on bottom” attire was the name of the game. Throw on the Fawning Over You White Button Down, any of the Slumber Party Collection bottoms, blue light glasses, and carry around a mug and iPad to complete the whole “work from home” look!


    We hope you feel inspired and ready to binge your favorite candies after reading this list! Spooky season is always a good one, and we can’t wait to see what creative looks you all have come up with! Happy Halloween!


XO, Abby  

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