My Experience at Kansas City Fashion Week

My Experience at Kansas City Fashion Week

Hi Bolt Babez! A few weeks ago, I volunteered at Kansas City Fashion Week. This was such a fun experience for me and really gave me an inside look as to what a job in the fashion industry can really look like. As a marketing student with a love for all things fashion, I was so excited for the opportunity to be a part of such a large event!

Over the week, I was able to help within a lot of different areas of the show. The KCFW staff were so supportive and encouraged us volunteers to express what areas of Fashion Week we were interested in, so we could be assigned roles that reflected our interests. I love the “behind the scenes” element of events, so I was thrilled to help backstage before the show. It was such a cool experience to see how the designers, models, and hair/makeup artists worked together.

Not to mention, all week long I got to watch dress rehearsals, photo shoots, all of the fun prep that goes into the shows each night. I will say, the best part of the entire week was that I was able to stay and watch the shows. The designers and models were all so amazing, it would be impossible for me to pick my favorite look!

Overall, this was such a great experience for me! I met so many amazing people throughout the week that I know I'll stay connected with forever. I encourage you to get involved with your local fashion week, it truly was an experience of a lifetime for me, and I plan to return for seasons to come!




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