Top 5 Fall 2022 Trends!

Top 5 Fall 2022 Trends!

Hi Bolt Babez!! Can you believe it is already August?! Summer has flown by, but I am so excited for the fall season to start because we have some AMAZING new trends! The owner of Bolt, Abby, went to market recently to find some fall & winter pieces we know you will love. While she was there, we spotted five trends that are going to be HUGE this fall and leading into winter! Recently clothing trends have been filled with very loud and bold pieces, but it seems like this fall we have found more of a balance (YAY!). Our top 5 fall trends have something for everybody whether you love bold prints, fun colors, or a neutral look we have you covered. You will be loving these pieces all season long, and we can’t wait for you to see everything we have planned this fall! 

1. Oversized Outerwear

I am LOVING the oversized outerwear trend this season! This trend is perfect if you want to be comfy and cute - and who doesn’t want that?! From teddy jackets to shackets & puffers this trend offers so many options to choose from! Plaids, prints, neutrals, and bold colors can all be encompassed in this trend which is amazing because there is something for everyone. My favorite way to style oversized outerwear is typically with leggings & a graphic tee! If I am looking for a dressy dinner look, I will layer a teddy jacket over a bodysuit & jeans or layer a shacket over a mini dress. There are so many possibilities with this trend, and the versatility of these pieces is insane!

2. Y2k/90s minimalism

The resurgence of the y2k & 90s minimalism trends has been EVERYTHING this year! I think this style is so easy to create effortless outfits no matter the occasion! This fall we are seeing baby tees, cargo pants, and metallic sets in everyone’s future! These pieces are the best staples to have in your closet, and they offer so much versatility. Maybe going full-fledged y2k isn’t your thing, but grab a pair of cargo pants and pair it with a tank! Now you have a trendy outfit that is functional but still fits your style. If you are loving this trend though, grab all the long-fitted skirts, straight-legged pants, and baby tees! You will look stylish while having a functional daily outfit. 

3. Suits/Trousers

At the beginning of this year, we said that men’s wear was going to be a big trend for 2022, and that is definitely true for this fall! Just because it is a suit jacket, pair of trousers or button-up collar shirt doesn’t mean that the pieces can’t be fun and girly! Picture bright-colored suits, feather accent sleeves, silk button-up tops, and fun flare trousers. These pieces offer a chic look that can easily be incorporated into your everyday outfits. Running errands for the day? Wear a pair of biker shorts & a simple tank with a collared/button-up shirt layered over it. Going for a lunch date? Wear a bodysuit paired with a fun pair of trousers. Need a nighttime look? Grab a suit jacket layered under a silk mini dress. If you need business clothing for a job/internship, then grab these pieces to double as work attire and everyday wear! 

4. Color/80s Vibes

Color has been a huge part of our summer trends, and it isn’t going anywhere this fall! Along with the bright & fun graphic prints we offer, we will have very FUN solid color items this fall that will send you right back to the 80s. I love that this trend is so bright and happy, especially during the fall months when things can start to feel very plain. The color/80s trend can fit into so many different pieces and styles which makes this trend something everyone can rock! Maybe graphic print pants aren't your thing, then grab a stunning cobalt blue fitted top! If you are all in on graphic prints, pair a graphic print with a fun pattern to make a statement outfit. You can have so much fun with this trend and truly make it fit your own style, so I can’t wait to see how you style these pieces this fall!

5. Leather 

Chic leather looks have been around for a while, but this fall I think the trend was taken to the next level! Leather is in almost every piece, from tops to skirts & dresses to suit jackets, and I LOVE it. If you are wanting a more elevated look but don’t want to put in too much effort just throw on a leather button-up on top of your outfit or add a leather skirt with a chunky sweater. Maybe you want to make a statement with leather, pair leather pants with a leather jacket, and you will look cool, classy, and chic! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the leather trend. We love that these are pieces you will be grabbing in your closet for years to come. This season the deep, rich colors that leather pieces were offered are stunning and will look amazing on every skin tone. 

Okay I have to know, what is your favorite fall trend this year? Personally, I love fun colors, oversized outerwear, and fun blazers! I think that the fall time is such a great time to play with different styles and grab pieces that are a little outside your comfort zone. With the layering of pieces that comes with the fall weather, you can try new things while staying true to your style! Our goal is to offer our Bolt babez pieces that are trendy while also being wearable & functional, which is what all these trends offer! Thank you for reading Bolt Babez!



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