Top 5 Summer 2022 Trends!

Top 5 Summer 2022 Trends!
Hello Bolt Babez! It is hard to believe that the warm summer weather is already upon us, it feels like this year has flown by! I am so thankful summer is here though, I have finally been able to pull out my sun dresses and shorts to give my sweaters a much-needed break! I think that summer is the best season to try new trends and style some bold pieces. A nice summer glow gives everyone a spark of confidence to try new things - am I right?! This summer is no different, here at Bolt we have so many hot new trends that include fun detail and of course bold colors. Make sure you try some of these trendy pieces the next time you are on vacation or for any summer occasion you may have! 


1. Graphic Prints 

Graphic prints are such a big trend not only this summer but all of 2022! They are the perfect statement piece to add to your wardrobe. From smiley faces to flower prints, there are so many patterns and colors to choose from when it comes to the graphic print trend. I have been loving styling my graphic jeans in so many different ways for brunches, farmer’s markets, traveling, and any other occasion you can think of! If you lean more towards neutral tones check out our Flower Sweet Cream Jeans, and if you are into bold colors you should try our best-selling Pink Happy Face Jeans. Pair these jeans with staples in your closet or some color for a statement look. No matter what your style is there is a graphic print you will love!

2. Cut-Out Detailing

The cut-out detail trend has been popping up in a bunch of fun dresses and tops this summer! Cutouts are a great way to spice up a staple clothing piece or neutral color option. I have been loving subtle cutouts on dresses and rompers lately because it just adds a fun twist to my outfit. At Bolt, we have some great cut-out detail options that are cute and trendy, but also functional for everyday wear (which is so important!) If you want to try out this trend be sure to check out the Abby Smocked Cut-Out Dress or the Girly Pop Pink Poplin Cut-Out Dress. Both are stunning colors on all different skin tones and they are great options if you are on the hunt for the perfect summer dress! 

3. Knitwear

I have been LOVING the knitwear trend this year! Knitwear provides so many options for fun colors and patterns on a variety of different pieces. One of my favorite things about knitwear is that it is comfy and oftentimes stretchy, but it also is thicker which can help smooth everything out! This trend also can turn a casual look into a more dressy option in a matter of seconds. Some of my favorite knitwear options here at Bolt are the Arya Blue Sweater Dress,  the Vanna Wavy Knit Dress, and the Happy Girl Knit Tank

4. Satin

Satin fabric has been showing up on so many pieces this summer and I am LOVING it! I love the look and feel of satin, especially for the warm summer months. It is lighter weight and comfortable to wear all day and night, while also giving your outfit a more elevated and put-together look. Whether you are looking for a skirt, dress, or top you are sure to find some that are satin this summer! Some of my favorite satin pieces are the Millie White Satin Slit Dress, which is perfect for any special event, and the Clueless Pink Fur Satin Tank, which is fun to style in so many different ways! 

5. Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are one of those pieces that are a versatile staple in everyone’s closet! You can dress them up for a beach vacation look or wear them out with a graphic tee for a shopping day. This summer we have seen mini skirts popping up with some fun colors and prints! Having bolder bottoms is perfect for when you just want to throw on a basic white or black top, but still want a cute outfit! Another trend with mini skirts we have seen is having a small slit in the front, which adds another fun detail to your outfit! Two of my favorite skirts at the moment are the Cynthia Satin Flare Skirt and the Bay Side Blue Satin Skirt. You will find yourself grabbing these skirts for so many occasions and love finding new ways to style them for each wear!

What is your favorite summer 2022 trend? I am personally loving graphic prints and satin the most right now! Of course I'm also loving anything with lots of bold and fun colors! After years of neutral colors ruling the world it is time for bright colors to have their moment. No matter what trend you want to try, Bolt is always here with trendy clothing pieces that are also wearable! I hope you have the best summer Bolt Babez and we can't wait to see how you style your favorite summer trends!




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