Sunday Morning Mauve Set Set Wishlist Sunday Morning Mauve Set Set Wishlist

Sunday Morning Mauve Set

Luna Ribbed Crop Top Tops Lush Luna Ribbed Crop Top Tops Lush

Luna Ribbed Crop Top



Bolt’s loungewear collection is the place to go for comfy/cozy and all of your other everyday go-to’s! Great for wearing around the house, or when you need something quick to throw on before running out the door. This collection makes getting dressed in the morning a no brainer. Whether your day consists of working from home, taking classes online, or watching netflix all day with your puppy you are in the right place. You can expect soft, comfortable, and high quality outfits here!


Providing clothing that is unique, trendy, and high quality is the name of Bolt Boutique’s game. We want you gals to feel confident and beautiful and expressive in your outfits, which is why we carry smaller inventory runs of styles. What that means for you is that you get a limited item that not many other girlies will have. Giving you the confidence to go out into the world making a statement. Quality is so important to us! Abby hand picks each item based on fabric content, hand feel, and usability. She assesses each style and price to assure you get the highest value. Bolt strives to always be genuine, available, and compassionate. Jesus is at the center of what we do, so we want to love, support, and always build you up!


In general, most items will fit true to size. Make sure to pay attention to each individual styles description for further fit and sizing tips since every item is different based on fabric and cut. Typically sizes 0-2 are extra small, 2-4 are small, 6-8 are medium, 10-12 are large, and 14 is extra large. In jeans, 24 is extra small, 25-27 is small, 28-29 is medium, 30-31 is large. Feel free to email us at or direct message us on instagram @boltboutique if you ever have any sizing questions! 

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