Welcome to Bolt Boutique! 

Real Women. Real Clothes. Real Lives Changed.  

My name is Abby and I am the owner/creator of Bolt! For years I wanted to create an online boutique full of clothes that were unique, trendy, and wearable! I remember growing up and trying to recreate the outfits I saw in magazines, but having no luck because those clothes did not actually exist at my local mall. Clothes are a fun way to express your personal style so I have been really picky about buying items that are made with better quality fabrics and fit really well so you know you are getting your money's worth. Caleb, my husband, has now joined the Bolt team full-time, and his passion for online marketing, analytics, and general technical knowledge has been a great addition! He is the key ingredient in making our website more user friendly and easier to shop. I guess you could say he is sort of the brains of the business! His vision, creativity, and efficiency is unmatched.
One thing that makes Bolt unique is that we use REAL women to model our clothing! A variety of heights, body shapes, and bust sizes showcase the clothing in a way that makes it easier to imagine how it will fit you at home. It is important to us to make all women feel confident and beautiful in the body God has given them! 

Our Mission Here at Bolt!

This year we are donating a portion of all sales to Stand Up To Cancer. Previously were able to donate $2,500 to Hope For Justice. They focus on the four main types of exploitation: sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, organ harvesting, and forced labor. Bolt is currently partnering with two Campus Outreach missionaries in South Africa and Australia. Each year we are going to pick a new charity/organization to donate and bring awareness to! Bolt's platform should not only be used for clothes, but it should be used to spread the love of Jesus and bring light to hurting communities! Let's be fashionable AND charitable!
Much Love, XOXO
Abby & Caleb Howard  

Check out our vlog for a behind the scenes look into our day-to-day lives married while building Bolt!

Channel Home 

Feel free to email me with any questions you have about items, orders, shipping, or our mission! 
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