Top 5 Summer Self-Care Activities

Top 5 Summer Self-Care Activities

We finally made it to May!! The colorful flowers have bloomed, the sun is shining longer, and you can finally switch out your sweaters for some fun tanks & tees. As the temps get warmer, you may be looking to start a new summer routine or you may just want some fun ways to treat yourself this summer. Well, Bolt is here to help so sit back and relax because we are going to get into five ways to treat ourselves to some self-care this summer!

1. Hot Girl Walk

This summer I have created a focus on getting my body moving, especially working from home. After hearing about the infamous 'hot girl walk' on social media, I started going on HGWs of my own and love it. Going on a walk outside not only moves your body but can help boost your energy, spark creativity, and give you time for self-reflection. Next time you have an afternoon slump or just can’t seem to roll out of bed in the morning, grab a cute + comfy outfit and go outside for a walk! No matter how long or how far, getting your body moving on a walk is guaranteed to put you in a positive mood and prepare you for whatever your day may bring. On your next HGW, step outside in style with the Seamless Purple Ribbed Bra + Biker Set or in Your Favorite Ribbed Biker Shorts and Have A Nice Day Graphic Tee


2. Skincare Routine

I have recently become obsessed with creating a skincare routine! It is exciting to look for new products to try and have a short routine to follow every day. Having a simple skincare routine to follow every morning has helped me get my day started earlier and be more productive in my mornings. Plus, what says self-care quite like a face mask or an ice roller? No matter what products you use, having a skincare routine helps you set aside time to treat yourself everyday. Here are some products that I have been loving: Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Hydrating Serum, and, of course, don’t forget your sunscreen! This is one of my favorite face sunscreens, EltaMD UV Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen!

3. Try a New Recipe

Do you ever get caught in a cycle of eating the same things over and over again? Recently, I felt like I had eaten the same six meals for weeks on end and I knew it was time to spice up my meals. I went straight to Pinterest to find some fun but easy (we are not chefs here) recipes to change my meals. It was fun to plan out what I wanted to try, and I even had a fun night cooking it with my family! Next time you feel like you are stuck in a repetitive cycle or want to try something new, visit Pinterest for some new meals. After all, food is fuel, so make sure you are treating yourself to some yummy food this summer! These are some of the ones I recently tried that were so good: Chicken Caesar Wraps, Mexican Stuffed Peppers, and Chicken Fajita Soup.

4. Journaling

Taking time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and activities can give you time to decompress daily and be grateful for everything present in your life right now! We can often get stuck in what happened in the past or what may happen in the future, but by just taking 5 minutes daily to journal can create awareness about the amazing things you have at that moment in your life. I have started writing down 3 things I am thankful for everyday and it has helped me tremendously! Now I have a list of great things in my life that I’m thankful for and I can go back to them if I need a confidence boost or am stressed. Here is a cute journal I saw from Amazon, Graphique Designer Notebooks - Lemons or you could try a journal with prompts like The Five Minute Journal.

5. Get a New Outfit & Take Cute Pictures

There is nothing quite like getting a new outfit and going out to take cute pictures! It is an automatic confidence booster and it’s always a good time when you plan a day of taking fun pictures around your town. Whether you want to post on Instagram or make a fun Tik Tok with friends, going out in a new, fun outfit is a great form of self-care! For your next photoshoot, make sure to snag a cute new outfit from Bolt. If you want something colorful and bold, check out the Citrus Swirl Loose Jeans and White Linen Flare Top. If you are looking for a matching set, grab the Nadia Lemon Top and Skirt or if you want a fun summer dress to try, check out the Girly Pop Poplin Cut Out Dress.

No matter how you like to treat yourself, we hope that you are able to find time this summer to relax and do something you enjoy! 



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